NEVER defrost using a microwave. That will change the texture and taste of the meat, as well as reduce the tenderness.  It’s best to move the frozen meat to your refrigerator 24 hours before you will need it, allowing even more time for roasts and thicker cuts.  Bring your meat to room temperature before cooking — don’t cook it cold, straight from a refrigerator.

Knowing there will occasions when you can’t wait, the next best thawing approach is to put the sealed, cryovac meat package into a large bowl of cool water, and change the water at short intervals, since it may ice up.  Or put the bowl in the sink and leave the water on very low to keep the water temperature in the bowl cool, but not cold.

The idea is to get the meat thoroughly thawed, without letting it warm up.  If you use hot water, you’ll have mushy meat on the outside, with frozen meat in the center. You shouldn’t cook it until it’s fully thawed, or it’s likely to have areas that are tough and dry.  Again, bring your grass fed meat to room temperature before cooking.  You won’t regret it.