The Supermarket Mystery Meat Deception

The 2013 revelation that government-approved “Pink Slime” is commonly added to meat products was a shocker to the American public.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in what’s allowed in meat production.

The biggest deception is that most families buy meat at the supermarket under the assumption that it comes from healthy animals.

The reality is that almost all supermarket meat comes from government-sanctioned feedlots, where animals are fattened with feed and practices that are perversely unnatural and clearly unhealthy.  Producing the most meat in the shortest period of time at the lowest possible cost is the only priority.

But consumer demand for that meat would drop dramatically if the production process was transparent.  As a result, feedlots are ALWAYS in remote locations.  Public access is strictly forbidden.  Without real images, we’re left to imagine supermarket meat comes from animals lounging on sunny green pastures.  That’s not the case.