100% Grass-Fed Quarter Beef


Stock up and save! Buying bulk freezer beef saves you time and money. 


1 Quarter beef | Approx. 170 lbs. hanging weight @ $3.35/lb. = $569.5  A deposit of $200 is required when order is submitted and balance of order is paid after pickup. A typical quarter beef will cost an additional $150 to be processed according to your cutting instructions. Processing expense is due at the time of pick-up.

Average take home weight = 115 lbs.

Freezer space required: 4 cu. feet

A typical quarter beef will contain the following cuts:

(40) 1-lb packages of hamburger,

(1) 3-4lb round rump roast,

(1) 2-3lb Sirloin tip roasts,

(2) 1″ porterhouse steaks,

(3) 1″ t-bone steaks,

(3) 1″ rib steaks,

(3) 1″ sirloin steaks,

(4) 3/4″ round steaks,

(4) 1-lb packages soup bones,

(5) 1-lb packages short ribs,

(1) 3-4lb chuck arm pot roast,

(4) 3-4lb chuck roasts,




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Additional information

Weight 160 lbs

Carroll Co. Locker – Lanark, IL, Eickman's – Seward, IL, Eureka Locker – Eureka, IL, Johnson Processing – Chadwick,IL